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8-bit Revival & Human Reunion
You've Been Believed / Arc de Square [Combo]

Image of 8-bit Revival & Human Reunion<br><i>You've Been Believed / Arc de Square</i> [Combo]

$12.00 - On Sale

Since there is a 50% overlap in personnel in 8-bit Revival & Human Reunion, why not check out both albums at a discount?

8-Bit Revival
You've Been Believed

01. I Wish You Weren't Horrible
02. We Space Out
03. Man Made Gods
04. Tunable Ghosts
05. Kids Get Caught
06. Wake Up
07. Cross Your Arms
08. This Hex
09. Terrible Too
10. Politics Are Better At Night

Human Reunion
Arc de Square

01. Feaster
02. Maxine Vaccine
03. Rapture Nurse
04. Carbonics
05. Badge Mask
06. Raw Christ
07. Working Man
08. Shunt
09. Black Owl
10. Red Ape
11. The Rub
12. Boost
13. Iroc

Recorded / Produced / Mixed / Awesomeified by John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac, Caribou) and mastered by the lovely Carl Saff. John Schmersal and Matt Shulz (Enon, Holy Fuck) also make some guest appearances! We are excited to finally share it with you!